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The Comenius Project at Aust-Lofoten Upper Secondary School


Our school takes part in a two-year-Comenius Project, 2012-14, where altogether 8 schools from 7 countries participate: Turkey, Germany, Finland, Latvia, France, Poland and Norway. The attached newspaper is an interim report in which our school is the final but one; after Germany II.

The Comenius Project “In the Year 2525”

Comenius is a project within the European Union that enhances cooperation within primary and secondary education across the borders of the EU. From 2014 The Comenius Project will be replaced by Erasmus+.

Aust-Lofoten Upper Secondary School is part of the Comenius Project “In the Year 2525” from 2012 to 2014. The project is cooperation between schools from Germany, France, Turkey, Latvia, Poland and Finland. The main target of the project is to catch what young people think about the Eropean future for better or for worse. The focus of the project is concentrated on the four main fields: multiculturalism, demographic change, energy turnaround and inclusion.

Travels within the Comenius Project

In addition to working on the four above mentioned topics at school, the Comenius Project has given us the possibility of working across borders. In April 2013 11 students and 3 teachers from our school were visiting the Clemens-Bretano –Europaschule in Lollar, Germany. Our pupils were given the opportunity to live in host families together with the German pupils, and taking part in workshops covering the different topics within the project. The traditional European Days made up the frame of our visit and included guests from all the project’s countries.

In March 2014 4 pupils and 2 teachers among our first graders, STVg1, visited Viitaniemen koulo (school) in Jyväskylä, Finland. This was a bilateral visit where our school made up the only guests.

In addition to student exchanges our teachers have been visiting the Liza-Tetzner-Schule in Berlin and Collège Voltaire in Remoulins, France.

Grand visit from the whole of Europe

From 11. – 18. of May the Aust-Lofoten Upper Secondary School will be visited by students and teachers from all the countries within the project.  44 pupils from six countries will be living in host families during a week. We are looking forward to an exciting week, introducing our guests to the Lofoten scenery and culture, and the celebration of the 200 anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.

The Nordplus Project “Rocket Physics in the Nordic Countries”

Nordplus is the main educational program of the Ministry of the Nordic Countries within the Lifelong Learning Programme. More than 10.000 people in the Nordic Countries and The Baltic profit from it every year.

“Rocket Physics in the Nordic Countries” is the name of the Nordplus Project where Aust-Lofoten Upper Secondary School is a partner together with Aalborg Technical  Gymnasium in Denmark, Nordland County, the Polar Circle Upper Secondary School , the University of Aalborg and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; NTNU -Trondheim. In autumn 2013 our students of physics were hosted at Aalborg Technical Gymnasium, and in March 2014 students from Denmark are visiting us for the second year in a row.

Among other things, the project is aiming at enhancing the general interest in scientific subjects; create a closer relationship between industry and trade and the different institutions of education, in addition to enforsing the students’ international focus. Our pupils are given the possibilities of experiencing globalization within a Nordic context. In addition to working on projects within physics, our students will also attend classes of other subjects at the schools they are visiting. They are supposed to communicate in their own mother tongues, which might turn out a more difficult challenge than firstly believed.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a program within the EU enhancing cooperation within industry and trade across the EU borders. Through different efforts of granted economic support it will stimulate competence and personal development of European networks. The program will be replaced by Erasmus+ in 2014.

Through the Leonardo program of the Nordland County, several of our vocational students have had the fortune of being exchange students in other countries.  In 2013 2 students of Travel and Tourism were hosting a school in Switzerland.  During the winter of 2014 students from  both Technic and Industry and Health and Adolescence will  try their luck in Europe.

International Week

Every year there is an International Week ahead of the Operation Day’s Work, and the International Week in Kabelvåg was nominated the best in Norway in 2013. The International Week is well integrated in the vocational studies in Kabelvåg. The students of Media and Communication make commercials and documentaries, while Design and Handcrafts ornament the school with their products of art. Aust-Lofoten Upper Secondary School is well represented in the district committee of Operation Day’s Work, and in 2013 every member but one represented our school.

Our school regards the Operation Day’s Work important in order to achieve our goal of integrating tolerance and solidarity at one side and to fight prejudice on the other.

Language Travels

The studies of foreign languages within our academic studies traditionally travel to the actual countries Spain, Germany and France every year. We do regard these visits as crucial, both in order to enhance the students’ language competence and in order to motivate more students to choose studies of foreign languages.

Internationalization at home

In addition to being involved in projects of exchanges of students and teachers, we have an international focus at home too. Aiming at enhancing tolerance, diminishing prejudice, in addition to creating arenas for young people from different cultures we work together with asylums, the Telegraph cohabitation for minor refugees with residence, the Bank; a meeting place in Kabelvåg and with VIO – Vågan center for the tuition of immigrants.



The new European frame program for schooling and education has been given the name Erasmus+. Aust-Lofoten upper secondary school is planning to apply for further projects that will give students and teachers the possibility to travel and cooperate with schools in other countries. You may read more about Erasmus+ at the SIU’s (Center for internationalization of education)  homepage.